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Pack Five – Freelance Firepower Design


If you are looking for strong and reliable freelance resumes that makes sure you can be the next in line for that contract, this helps you out by offering:

  • A slick and modern profile that will match the cool, informal professionalism of your business. If you want to showcase your talents as much as your style, this makes a perfect pick-up for any freelancer.
  • Easy to read and follow sections that portrays everything from contact details to how to look up your portfolio, making it easy to show people why they should be considering you as their primary target.
  • Simple and stylish settings for everything references to previous roles and experience. The ideal pick for those who are in need of a more reliable and consistent look to how their resume is laid out.


For any freelancer looking to get spotted, this creative and intelligent design is just what you should be looking for. It comes with a smart and creative layout, one that is sure to give you all the help that you need in making a more intelligent, rounded move forward.

Getting spotted when tendering for contracts and the like is hard work – this can make that hard work slightly easier on you.

It’s a simple and effective solution, one that can make sure you get the job done nice and quickly.

A detailed and intricate design, this offers you all the help that you could need in capturing the attention of a potential client or employer. It’s a good way to make sure you have a resume that works more than the simple styles you would usually go for in a normal employment contract.

Either way, it’s going to make sure that you are picked because of your originality and simplicity when applying in the future.

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1 Page resume – $9.90, 2 Page resume plus cover letter (all get instructions) – $19.90