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Pack Seven – The Ideal Entrepreneur Resume


This helps you to get that simply by offering:

  • A clear and easy to follow design that delivers all the main content such as contact details, key features and skills in a skim-through design that is so easy on the eye.
  • A crisp font that is always going to help you get noticed and make sure that you never become an eyesore.
  • A fine use of colour to help make sure that your primary techniques, talents and skills shine through to offer the most credible and consistent image possible
  • This resume is all about making sure that your primary qualities stand out – using a smart side-bar, everything stays in a manner that is simple to read and easy to master.


This is the perfect resume for out there for entrepreneurs who want to get noticed and want to make sure they always stand out in the filing cabinet. Using the thick side-panel, this makes sure that you can always list critical information that is of the utmost importance to the employer, giving them access to the information that they need without having to look around.

An employer will not take long before they move on from resume to the next. Your job is to be professional in the layout and interesting in the content to make sure you can get all the help that you need in getting the most critical asset to gaining employment – the time of the employer themselves.

Using this, people can get the help that they need to start putting themselves further up that employment ladder. If you feel like you need a touch more ambition in the way that you come across, then this is a good starting point.

It’s a clean, crisp and easy to work with pattern that employers love.

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Black, Red


1 Page resume – $9.90, 2 Page resume plus cover letter (all get instructions) – $19.90