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Pack Six – Clean Cut And Cool Collection


Then this makes the perfect choice, offering you:

  • A really easy to work with layout that is going to be appealing for any kind of professional application or contract tendering.
  • Smart and simple sections, split up fairly and evenly to give you all the help that you could possibly need in making each section easy to read.
  • Interesting layout that ensures everything runs concurrently and feels like a natural progression from one area to the next, making it easy to stay interested and read through to the end.
  • All extras provided, such as cover letters to help sell your message by using a design that is all about making sure you are listened to rather than seen then ignored.


For anyone who is looking to improve their quality of resume, our Clean Cut and Cool Collection should be top of the pile. This is a smart and stylish looking resume that breaks none of the usual rules about colourfulness or presentation over performance.

Not only does this use simple and small break-down boxes to help portray everything from your skills to your prior experience, it makes a fine choice for giving a bit of extra detail about yourself.

It’s a great pick to go for when you are in need of a more clean-cut and sure-thing resume.

Everything about our Clean Cut and Cool Collection is about making sure you are always one step ahead of the rest. Each of our designs has been put together in a manner that is going to help you get spotted, but this one is perfect for aspiring professionals.

It ticks every box an employer could be asking for, so let’s begin!



Additional information


1 Page resume – $9.90, 2 Page resume plus cover letter (all get instructions) – $19.90