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Pack Three – Clean, Considered Package


Not only is this a neat and detailed resume, but it provides you with:

  • All of the necessary locations for important details such as name, address and even a photo to show your future employer what you look like.
  • Clear points of contact to make sure the team in command can get in touch with you with a quick glance to the side instead of any forced searching.
  • A clean, crisp layout that does a perfect job of laying on the line what you stand for, and the positive bonuses that you can bring to the table.
  • Clearly marked sections that will make it easier than ever for an employer to find out all the right details about you. Maximizes your chance of getting your foot in the door.


As the ideal choice for making your life a little easier, Resume Pack Three makes the ideal choice when you need something with a touch of minimalism to it. Sometimes, a resume is best to be utilized when you want to make an impression on your professionalism as much as creativity and previous experience.

As part of our Clean, Considered Package, you are getting access to a resume that does all of this and a little more as it helps to perfectly portray you in the right light.

Employers today don’t want to spend ten minutes looking through your resume trying to find the details they need. They don’t want excessive detail, and they definitely do not want any kind of over-the-top detailing or imagery that is going to make you come across as someone who prefers presentation over performance.

To help you avoid these red flag problems, go with our Clean, Considered Package and make sure you that your employment in a professional sense is more likely.

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1 Page resume – $9.90, 2 Page resume plus cover letter (all get instructions) – $19.90