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Pack Two – Corporate Continuity Package


Stand Out With Simplicity With Our Corporate Continuity Package

  • Designed to offer a soothing and credible looking layout, this avoids going over the top and makes scanning and scouring for specific details simple for the professional.
  • Comes with an easy to fill in cover page that ensures you can make your case clear before a page is turned.
  • Easy to fill in experience, skills and educational locations that ensures your message can easily be seen and understood.
  • Make sure you stand out at the top of the tree with a neutral design that is easy on the eye but provides all the information needed and more to help you succeed.


For any professional looking to help continue their professional development, our Corporate Continuity Package is just what you need.

The perfect choice for those looking to advertise their skills and make their credibility well-known, this is just what you need for a clear, minimalistic and highly readable resume. Going over the top with design elements is not necessary – so let us help you stay as crisp and composed as your own professional output.

With an easy to follow layout that is easy on the eyes and remains professionally neutral, you can make sure that you stand out a mile away with a corporate look that is very impressive and deeply detailed.

As a professional, the last thing that you need is to come across as overly eager or too quick to try and impress. With this suitably neutral design, you can help to capture the right kind of feeling as well as avoid a feeling of glitz over detail.

Give yourself all the help that you need to stand out from the crowd and give yourself access to a professionally engaging resume that really highlights why you are the primary pick for the role. With this design, you can make sure that your resume is always the first out of the filing cabinet!

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1 Page resume – $9.90, 2 Page resume plus cover letter (all get instructions) – $19.90